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Baby Food
Baby food is any substance that provide extra energy to baby. It is made between the ages of six months to two years for infants. Baby food comes in various varieties with different tastes and manufacturers. Baby food can be in the form of liquid paste, soft or a chewed food easily, because infants may experience in eating and lack of teeth.

Some babies want food other than milk due to different baby. There is not food pyramid for infants. When the child has teeth, he/she begins to eat solid food.
It is often recommended to give baby solid food at around 6 months of age, but babies differ greatly. The only good way to know when to introduce baby food is to watch for signs of readiness in the child. Signs of readiness include the ability to sit without help, loss of tongue thrust and the display of active interest in food that others are eating. Baby may be started directly on normal family food if attention is given to choking hazards, this is referred to as baby-led weaning. Because breast milk takes on the flavor of foods eaten by the mother, these foods are especially good choices.
Things to Keep In Mind
All children are different and never tolerate the same type of foods daily. Therefore, parents should offer different types of food to their baby. Later they can give a combination of fresh vegetables and fruits.
When to offer solid foods to baby?
At the age between 4 to 6 months, Cereals is good for baby. In 7 th months, parents can start give fresh vegetables to their babies. Next month, they can introduce fresh fruits and juice of fruits. After 10 th month, cheese, egg yolks and yogurt will be provided to child.
Baby food safety
Always clean your hands and feeding equipment while preparing baby food
Parents must be taken special care when making baby foods.
Do not let baby food more than two hours at room
Freeze or refrigerate baby food immediately.
How to make baby food?
Firstly, wash dirty hands and utensils for making baby food.
Prepare fresh vegetables and fruits by peeling, removing seeds or pits and scrubbing.
Always cook food in a small quantity of water. Always baby food may be baked or steamed.
Do not add honey, sugar or any form of sweetener.
Do not add salt or seasonings in baby food. Mash or puree cooked baby food.
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