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Jhanda Diwas celebrated by District Sainik Board

posted by:   (13669)    -  09/12/2008

Jhanda Diwas celebrated by District Sainik Board   District Sainik Board was celebrated on Sashatra Sena Jhanda Diwas yesterday. President of District Sainik Board and Deputy Commissioner Di?ti Umashankar had started the celebration by giving fund for the welfare of former soldiers and widows of soldiers.

Mrs. Umashankar on the occasion said that on the Flag Day former soldiers of Shashtra Senas after placing the flag they arrange funds. The fund arranged on the day is used for the welfare of Widows of war and former soldiers.

After giving fund DC told to the employees of District Sainik Board for collecting fund from all the staff of mini secretariat and sent them to every department of mini sectoriate and local court. The officers collected fund from each and every department by order of District Magistrate Di?ti Umashankar. All the employees and staff donated for at occasion according to their worth for the soldiers of Sashatra Sena.
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Reporters : Shoorbir Singh and Manvendra Gupta (

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