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The world's largest mammal, the blue whale, weighs 50 tons at birth. Fully grown, it weighs as much as 150 tons
The venom of a female black widow spider is more potent than that of a rattlesnake
The turkey was named for what was wrongly thought to be its country of origin
The only domestic animal not mentioned in the Bible is the cat
The Pacific Giant Octopus, the largest octopus in the world, grows from the size of pea to a 150 pound behemoth potentially 30 feet across in only two years, its entire life-span
The penalty for killing a cat, 4,000 years ago in Egypt, was death
The animal responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is the mosquito
"Almost" is the longest word in the English language with all the letters in alphabetical order
The country with the most Post offices is India with over 152,792 compared with just over 38,000 in the United States
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