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Gurgaon Trivia
PREFACE Gurgaon can have various meanings for various observers. People from all over India as well as from across the world, have come here to make Gurgaon their workshop. Apart from them every morning thousands brave the peak traffic to commute from Delhi to Gurgaon and become part of the floating population of Gurgaon.
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Following are the famous Gurgaon trivia.

Gurgaon suddenly burst on the national radar with....

Gurgaon Language
People in Gurgaon speak different languages, whic....

Sheetala Mata Mandir; The Famous Temple in Gurgaon
One of the major Hindu pilgrimage is the Shri She....

The Legends
There are many legends, which are connected with....

Prince of Bharatpur
There is another version of the same temple. It i....

The Queens At War
The third legend also includes king. On a pilgrim....

Gurgaon History; Guru Dronacharya
Gurgaon has deep connections with history and its....

Gurgaon Geography
The present Gurgaon district comprising nine bloc....

Gurgaon Climate
The climate, except during the monsoon, is charac....

Rainfall in Gurgaon
The normal annual rainfall in the district is 553....
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