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Trivia : Lohri
When the Sun starts its return journey towards the northern hemisphere that is the day we celebrate Makar Snakranti in India. This was a more scientific definition for more cerebral people. For spiritual types the meaning remains the same with slight twists in terminology and we call that the Sun is now Uttarayan. As being in the northern hemisphere, this phase has developed as more auspicious one for an agrarian society like India. According to Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamaha preferred to wait for about six months for Sun to be in Uttarayan and waited full of pain and agony, fully pierced and wounded by arrows!

For more joyous variety Makar Snakranti means an excuse to feast on many traditional goodies no matter what name one gives to this festival in different corners of India.


Lohri is more about celebration and partying rather than spiritual. And this primarily because like most of the festivals of India Lohri is also associated with harvest season. Apart from celebrating new harvest this is also a way to say good bye to chilly winters of Northern India. There can not be a far better way than to light a bonfire, to dance around with, in order to bid adieu to ‘sheet lahar’ of the North.

Legends of Lohri

Dulha Bhatti

According to folklore Dulha Bhatti was a desi Robin Hood, who saved a girl from her abductors. Later on he arranged for marriage as well for that girl. Rural folks still sing folksongs to remember heroics of Dulha Bhatti.


Lohri is a way of showing our gratitude to the Sun God for all the bounty he bestows upon us. As a mark of this grains from new harvest are offered to the fire God. All the goodies prepared on this day is made of raw materials from the new season’s harvest only.

As this is harvest related festival so ladies with newborn baby get special attention on this day. The lady will dress in al her finery with baby sitting on her lap becoming cynosure of all eyes. Newly wed couples also take blessings from gods and elders to be able to continue their lineage.


Main ingredient is jaggery (Gud) and sesame seed (Til), which is eaten raw also. Sweet dishes in the shape of cookies, called Gazak, are made with primary ingredient being Gud and Til and variants can be as simple as replacing Gud with sugar and as varied as replacing Til with almost anything, especially groundnut, puffed rice, flattened rice.
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