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Beauty Tips
The most beautiful thing is the world is the ability to accept ourselves for what we are and accept others for what they are. People cannot and need not be perfect. You don't have to live up to others' expectations of you.
Beauty Tips
If you have small upper eyelids, avoid dark eye shadows. It will make your eyes look even smaller. Just a single light shadow (try shimmery silver) applied right up to your brows will do the trick. A very thin black line across the base of your upper lashes will further enhance your eyes.
If you have freckled skin, massage your face with olive oil and lemon juice. Use a scrub and gently but firmly clean your face in a circular motion. Avoid thick foundations.
French manicure is no longer just plain white. You can now indulge your passion for pastels and paint the tip of your nails in soft pink, lilac and baby blue. May be even sheer metallic. As for the rest of the nail, a sheer topcoat in the same colour is recommended.
The shape of the nail should neither be square nor oval. The shape that has caught the fantasy of fashion gurus is ‘squoval’ - longish, with straight edges and rounded tips!
The colours of the millennium for your lips, eyes and nails range from silvery lilacs to dark purples, from icy pinks to heavy bronzes to even shimmery greens. If you still haven’t caught on, the emphasis is on ‘glitter’, shine and sparkle.
Tweeze your eyebrows after a bath. Or apply a hot cloth on your brows before you do. This will loosen the hair follicles. Remember to follow your brows’ natural shape and taper off gradually.
To prevent eye movement while applying mascara, look up and then stretch the eye by pushing the eyebrow with your finger. Then look down and apply mascara on top lashes.
If you have dry skin, avoid moisturizing immediately before applying make-up. Apply at least two hours before that. Don’t use a dry sponge to pat the face. Dampen it before using.
Control your urge to apply powder on your shiny nose. This will ruin your compact powder kit. Instead, use a blotting paper and absorb the oil first. You can even use tissues. Blot the oily areas with a single layer of tissue. Take care not to wipe or smear.
Dust shimmer powder along collarbone with a large brush. When wearing a short skirt, dust the powder on your knees so that it catches the light and draws attention to your legs. Sweep some on your shoulder blades when wearing a low-cut blouse. But make sure the colour is not drastically different from your skin colour.
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