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Fashion Clothing
Purchase Pattern :
When trying on patterns, close your eyes in front of the dressing room mirror, then open them quickly. If your eyes go directly to the clothing rather than to your face, the pattern is too overpowering. Scale patterns to your bone size and height. The more petite you are, the more petite the patterns should be. When selecting a patterned piece, ask yourself if you could tolerate seeing the print twice in the same week. If you couldn't, the pattern is probably too bright or bold for you.
To look slim, you don't always have to be slim. Here are some clever dos and don'ts that can make you look thinner!
Do diminish your hips by wearing a pale satin top. It will act as a reflector, calling attention to your face and upper body.
Do remember that navy, hunter green, dark wine, and chocolate brown eveningwear can be just as slimming as black.
Do slip into silk pants for an evening out; their loose-fitting legs flatter fuller figures.
Don't wear shiny fabrics on parts you're trying to slim. That would only draw attention to what you want to play down!
What your clothes say about you :
Women who dress in austere and plain clothes are supposed to be stern and cold, the regular school ma’am types.
If a woman wears outlandish clothes, it apparently means she's asserting her individuality.
Solid colours are believed to indicate a self-assured and self-contained personality.
Stripes are a mark of the ‘happy-go-lucky’ attitude.
If a woman prefers polka dots, she might be considered a hesitant and indeterminate personality who tends to mask her lack of self-confidence with bravado and boastfulness.
Asymmetrical cut is the choice of a woman who is friendly by nature but masks the friendliness by adopting a surly and sarcastic attitude.
Fashion at Work :
  Does fashion work for you? It should. Maybe you're not paying enough attention to it. You need to make sense of your dress sense.

You need to plan a wardrobe for your workplace in order to look your professional best. No matter how good you are at your job, you need to look proficient when you are at work.
If you want to make it in the corporate arena, pay careful attention to the clothes you wear and the visual impact you have on others.
A lack of professional attire will have a negative impact on your bottom line. If you want to be treated as a professional, you must look like one too.
The importance of looking good especially in today's global culture has never had it so good. Corporate dressing has come of age everywhere.
Our physical appearance, our words, and our actions express to others the person we are within.
The strongest personality indicator is clothing because our clothing reveals how we think we look. Clothing can be easily changed to stress our strong points and camouflage our weak points.
  You don't need to be fashionable, but you just must be well dressed when at work.
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